A Trip to Science Museum London 

Over the years we’ve taken the kids to the science museum London. They enjoyed it as younger kids but didn’t understand much then.

Since the kids got a little older and started full time primary school, we haven’t taken them for a while, until it was science week at their school and they needed to submit a project. Time for a little adventure!

To keep the kids entertained on our tube ride, we picked up a tube map for them to navigate our stops. Being it was a Sunday, there were engineering works going on on the London Underground, which affected our journey. 

The science museum London is a free entry museum (donations accepted and we highly recommend it), it’s easy to locate. To get there, follow the signs from South Kensington underground station, past the natural history museum on the left. The Victoria and Albert Museum on the right until you get to the end of the subway and then you turn to your left. 

You will need to go through security check and then your adventures begins with locomotives and stem engines, many interesting things to see, do and discover on the ground floor,all the way to the top floor. 

Exploring space. 

We went on a space tour learning interesting facts like how astronauts do number 2 in space and bring the sample back to NASA to analyse the content of their poo. Space is pretty but its poo business isn’t pretty. 

Then we took the stairs all the way to explore more matters and materials. There is lift, clean toilet with baby changing facilities and a cafeteria (first floor) that sells hot and cold food. There is a gift shop on the ground floor. 

Next we explored matters and materials. 

By the time we had lunch and toured the second floor, we were tired. There was School the next day and I didn’t want to tire them up. So we had to go but we are coming back over the half term for part 2! 


Baby Gender Reveal 

It’s a girl! 

We are so happy to be having another beautiful little baby girl in 5 months time. 

All my cravings and motherly instinct told me it was going to be a boy. I craved for very spicy delicious Western Nigerian meals, similar to the cravings I had in my previous pregnancy with my son. My mother also had a dream that it was going to be a boy. But as usual I was a little sceptical and didn’t go ahead to start shopping for everything blue. We wanted to get the confirmation from the 20 weeks scan. After three pregnancies, I’ve come to realise that babies sometimes have a mind of their own. Just as every child is different, so is every pregnancy. 

I’ve always said to those closest to us that I don’t mind much about the gender of a baby. As long as the child and mom is healthy and both are home safely after the birth. That’s what matters to us. Besides we’ve already got one of each so we are very grateful for any additional child. 

The more detailed 20 weeks scan not only should us our beautiful girls’ face but also showed us that she’s doing well. 

Our daughter Victoria is happy to be having a sister she can play dress-up with. 

While our son Daniel is happy to have at least one baby sister who won’t be bossing him about like his older sister who’s always playing the mummy. 

Me? I’m just happy to be growing our family! 

Autumn Blazer-Jacket Bump Style 

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons in London. It starts to get chilly and the leaves starts to fall but then you begin to see those golden brown colours come to life. Those heavy bushes making ways to see the beauty of the city more clearly. 

It’s not too cold for full winter layering nor is is hot enough not to add in an extra layer of clothing. 

This is perfect for a blazer jacket. 

Jackets can be styled with jeans, leggings, dresses or skirts. Boots or court shoes, shoulder bag or clutch. The boots are from Next. They are thigh length but also slouches down to look like a standard length boots. I’m also wearing an over the bump black maternity leggings from Asos maternity. A T -Shirt from new look. It’s not from the maternity section, just sized up and knotted by the side. 

This navy blue blazer is from Ralph Lauren and I’m surprisingly wearing a six 6. I had it a long time ago, pre pregnancy. 

The blazer obviously won’t be able to button up but I got my scarf in my bag for added warmth. 

Getting Moms Ready For Back to School

The kids are back to school for the new academic year. You have gotten them ready. School uniforms, shoes, bag, packed lunches, hair, etc. How about you? Have you gotten yourself ready? Someone once said if you fail to prepare, then you have prepared to fail. How do we prepare ourselves for the new challenge? It may not be new for you but after spending over six weeks of summer, kids starting new classes and new curriculum it sure feels like a new challenge. 

One key thing is for us to be healthy. Healthy minds, body and soul. Eat well, move a little more, rest and drink plenty of water. Take supplements to balance up any key vitamins your body is lacking will help you feel better. When you feel better, your mindset will be better and you can be a better mom, wife and colleague. I usually get tired, lack energy and motivation. Taking supplements like Pharmaton helped me a lot. 

Self care isn’t being selfish. I’ve said it several times, it’s important to look after number one so you can look after the number ones in your life. 

Another way to be prepared is to get organised. Organisation doesn’t have to be fancy or complex. A simple calendar with space in the boxes to write down appointments is ok. A more sophisticated planner with dates, telephone numbers, bills, receipts and vouchers is also ok. What’s important is being able to write down key things. When is homework due? when is after school club? when is the next jab or dentist appointment? When are you having your hair done? when is lunch with a friend? When does the fish tank needs washing? When is the parking fine due? When does the washing machine needs servicing? Car M.O.T due?Keep them short and sweet. Bullet points. Try to keep things on direct debit and annual things on yearly reminders on your phone. Most people use smart phones nowadays and they are great planners. Use both. 

Also remember to utilise resources at your disposal. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Ask from family, friends and the school for any support or resources that might be available to you. Find out from your local council what support or information is available in your area. Message people you follow on social media privately to ask for the full story behind the seemingly I -got-it-all- together picture. Be polite. Worst that can happen is they say no or ignore you but be proud of yourself that you put yourself out there. There response will speak more about their personality than yours (approache people you’ve built a good relationship with through liking and commenting on their posts, not people you ignore and now wants their help), it’s ok to ask for help from people outside our circle. 

Finally relax. The kids will be alright. Peace of mind and calmness can go a long way. Kids pick up on it. You will forget to return a signed slip, they will go to school without a jumper or water bottle some day and that’s ok. It won’t be the end of the day. There is always tomorrow. The hope of a better day. 

*Disclaimer: This post contains product I have been paid to advertise however all opinions are mine. I have used this product before I was pregnant (not suitable for pregnant women) and I’m now making an honest review. 

The Yacht London Review

The Yacht London is a permanently moored boat restaurant on the London river thames. It is literally across the road from Temple underground station.

We first came to The Yacht London some years ago during my husbands birthday party. We had a meal with few of our friends and I always knew we would comeback. 

With so many restaurants to choose from in London, I must say I stumbled across The Yacht London by chance. My husband’s then office was in Embarkment, which is just few minute walk from temple and I was looking for something edgy, fun and yet classy. I think we had also just gotten back from a cruise to Amsterdam that left quite an impression on us, we wanted to taste that dining on a ship once again. It seemed like the perfect place.

on arrival, we were welcomed by a friendly waiter who asked us to choose where we wanted to seat ( we arrived early and they were just opening up so there was plenty of tables to choose from), of course we chose the seat with the best view. Tables on the right side of the glassed windows have London views and must of the iconic landmark like the London eye, Big Ben and the shad.


The boat rocked while we were eating, which was amazing because you would think you were actually on a moving boat. Not too cool if you are prone to being sea sick.

The food was mostly delicious. The started came quite quickly (a plus for hungry pregnant mamas) with a free refillable glass of still water. 

The mains was made to perfection. We both had steak which came with salad and chunky chips. It was filling and my serloin was well complimented by peppercorn sauce. 

The other half didn’t want desserts, I wanted to try one so I ordered what I call strawberry, cream and biscotti (it probably had a very fancy name that I can’t remember). It was served in a large glass bow. Very well decorated I felt guilty sticking my spoon in it to eat it thereby destroying the masterpiece. He saw it and asked for an extra spoon and dug right in. 

After two glasses of lemonade (which again had a very fancy name), couple with the fact that my unborn baby probably has my bladder in his hand, I had to use the loo before going. 

I always love cute toilet selfies but what was even more amazing at this restaurant was the hallway to the toilet, which is located in the basement of the ship. 

It was the stained glass windows that first caught my eyes. Then the beautiful, simple but elegant chandelier. 

The restaurant was lovely. It’s not cheap to eat here but it’s affordable and I will definitely comeback again. Highly recommend. 

Why I stopped Being a Minimalist

A follower messaged to ask if I was still a minimalist. I became a minimalist over eight years ago. I mean I’ve never really been one of excessiveness but I truly understood what I was doing by consciously choosing to have less of material things. It happened shortly after the loss of our daughter Hilary and I was in a very dark place. I had excessive thoughts, feelings, emotions, anger, resentments and all the negative feelings you can think of. Taking antidepressants because the doctor thought you had post natal depression that resulted from the loss of a baby was not enough. I went for therapy and it was still not enough.

I discovered that everything I was feeling was as a result of feelings I had brought with me before getting pregnant. I needed to let go of those feelings so I can deal with the current feeling and learn to live with my grief. I let go of toxic relations, I didn’t owe anyone anything. I didn’t expect anything from anyone. I only bought what I needed and maybe what I wanted in order to feel better. Before this, I would work and work and I never took any vacation, never traveled to somewhere new or interesting. I started my business as an entrepreneur when I was in my second year of Uni. Always hustling and never taking a break. No wonder I was stressed and depressed.

After having that euphoria moment, I decided this life was very precious yet very irrelevant. One minute we are here and the next, we are gone. I was pregnant one minute, seeing, feeling and hearing the baby kicking, saw she was a girl with very lovely dark long hair. The next minute she was gone. Saying ‘gone too soon’ was an understatement. No I was going to let go of irrelevant things and begin to do things that really mattered. As I was googling that kind of lifestyle, I stumbled across the word ‘minimalist’. I thought well, I am a minimalist already. My first car was a third hand daihatsu charade even when at the time I was working full-time and could afford a newer car. I was always careful and wise with my money.

Minimalism is not so much as living quite literary with less things, its more of a mindset. A mindset to live consciously. There is a lady I met once who has five black Gucci bags. Same design, same colour and same everything. Two I can understand. there are times you have to buy the exact same jeans twice because you love it so much and concerned that there is a possibility you couldn’t find it again should one wear off. Not five of them, especially not a timeless pieces like a Gucci bag. But I don’t judge. Everyone to their own. People should be allowed to do what makes them happy. But in a true minimalist fashion, we will not see the need to buy more than one or two at most.

When I became a minimalist, I was not into social media. I was just doing my own thing in a little suburb in Essex. Then I joined social media and at first was so excited to share and connect with similar minded people. That became my down fall. I love social media, you see. Yes you must have attained some level of emotional and psychological maturity to look past all the BS and falseness but it’s actually a nice place. It has really helped me cope with things when I didn’t know where to turn to. I’ve met several people who went through or are going through what I’ve been through ( without necessarily putting it up in their bio that they have lost a child or that they have one medical condition or something) I have met people who make me laugh so much I forget I’m actually suppose to be crying. I have had many inspirations on how to dress up a wall, like seriously, that is a big deal. you don’t just hang a photo on a wall. I could write a 2500 words on how to dress up a wall.

The thing with social media is that just as its full of good things, there are also not so good things in it. Its full of good people and not so good people. When I started my public online minimalist journey I never knew there was a code. You have to wear only two colours, three the most. Blacks, whites and grey. I mean I love those colours and if you follow me you would know those are mostly my colours, however, I also love bright colours. I love all the colours of the rainbows. I understand some colours are more visually relaxing than other but you don’t get crucified for posting other colours.

Then it was portraid like minimalist were living a boring lives. Showing just photos of sleeping on their white beds wearing a black or grey nightie, or standing against a white wall wearing a white t-shirt or drinking coffee from a white mug while sitting on a white bed or sitting on a white sofa reading a book with white cover. I mean I love and do all these things and I understand the need for continuity of themes but come on, that’s not real life. Do you not go out? Do you not take your children out? Are your young kids minimalist too? Do they not have their own voice or choices? I love dressing my kids in white or light colours but some days my daughter wants to wear her pink dress and metallic shinning blue shoes. she looks so cute I can’t help but take a photo, now should I not post that photo in my perfect white, black and grey theme wall? Would I be breaking the minimalist code?

Then there was the attack from un-understanding families and friends who think you turned minimalist because you are broke. I mean by all means make charitable donations to my bank accounts, I won’t stop you but don’t come give me several of your run down clothes when I’m still trying to get ride of all the excess I have.

Then your religions brothers and sisters think it’s a taboo. After all our God is a God of plenty. He has streets made out of gold. He is a rich God and we should not use our mouth to confess negative things like “less”. Ok I get you and I don’t like making religion and racial argument because people hardly open their minds to the possibility of a different thought process regarding those issues. They want to believe what they want to believe and I don’t like wasting time explain that sometimes things aren’t just black and white (no minimalist pun intended).

That attitude of not wanting to keep explaining myself and remembering why I came into this journey in the first place, which was to let go of any baggage weighing me down, including not being free to express myself because I don’t want to break a code, made me come to the conclusion that maybe this minimalist thing or at least the one on social medias is not my thing.

I want to go back to the way I was living my couscous life, not buying excessively or taking on too many projects or making too many friends that I don’t have time to call or text or message. Not having too much of things that I don’t need, want, or thing that don’t make me happy or inspire me and my family. So in my own little world I am still a minimalist at heart, I loves colours, I love to go outdoors just as much as I love indoors. I am just not your typical minimalist. And there are lots of people like me that I admire on social media. They have white sofas and sit on it drinking coffee from their white mugs but also go on holidays wearing pink one piece suits.

So, I am sorry I may not be minimalist enough to those followers who wonders if I’m still a minimalist, but I love and live my life as it best for me and my family. One that several years down, when I look at old photos, I will be glad that I lived and experienced things I may not be able to do any more.

Pregnancy Announcement

So I’m pregnant! What?! How?! When?! In as much as im not going to draw you a vivid picture of the how, I will like to say that we are both surprised and happy at the same time about having baby number three. I am thirteen weeks gone and have had my first midwife booking in appointment and my first scan.


We wanted to have all our children close in age, after all I had given up my job to care for the kids until they started school. We planned to do it all at once and then start pursuing careers. By now you would think I should be used to the fact that nothing goes as planned, at least for me. After our last child was born, we could not get pregnant as quickly as it has been with the other two.

Perhaps it was all bad timing, perhaps having a spouse working away all the time and the other family challenges we were facing at the time was contributing to it. Or maybe I’m just too stressed – motherhood is not easy. Whatever it was, I didn’t mind much. we had two healthy, fun, loving and nice kids already. I was grateful for this, what more can a woman ask for? You have a girl, you have a boy, we must be very selfish. 

I maybe selfish but it was for a good reason. I was brought up as an only child ( I don’t trust my father didn’t sow his seeds somewhere else but I grew up as my mothers only child), I had lots of uncles, aunts,cousins that I’m close with and blessed with very good friends. It was not the same thing as having your own biological sibling. I would never have had an only child if it were in my powers, so we gave our daughter a sibling.

Being an expatriate turned immigrant in the UK, it can get pretty lonely. I have my mother and grandmother, several aunties and uncles, cousins and friends but finding childcare for the kids was always a challenge. They are all working and living their lives. I had to do it alone and do things all by myself most of the time. I wasn’t a super mom, I didn’t ask to be. Iactually  love chilling out doing nothing – who wouldn’t, but when you have no choice than to be strong, being strong for my family became my only option. I always thought if I had a sister, the situation might have been different. I decided having just one sibling wasn’t enough anymore. 

What happens when one decides to go and live in another country? Daniel is always saying he wants to go and live in Lithuania ( I have no idea where he gets that idea from) and if that happens they would be alone – again. So we needed one more child, at least. For now. 

I love joking with my husband that I would love to have seven children. One for each day of the week. Imagine Christmas time, weddings, birthdays or when we get old and living in a nursing home, we would always have one child coming to visit everyday. We’d never be bored, I love bingo and all but what else is there to do at that age if not spending time with your family and making them feel bad for putting you there. Of course I’m joking but its something to think about – or not considering the financial implications of having seven children.

Did we plan for this pregnancy? Yes, we’ve waited for four years. Did we expect it right at this moment? No! It’s a lovely, much wanted and needed surprise miracle baby and I can feel the baby being loved more than anything already.