Getting Moms Ready For Back to School

The kids are back to school for the new academic year. You have gotten them ready. School uniforms, shoes, bag, packed lunches, hair, etc. How about you? Have you gotten yourself ready? Someone once said if you fail to prepare, then you have prepared to fail. How do we prepare ourselves for the new challenge? It may not be new for you but after spending over six weeks of summer, kids starting new classes and new curriculum it sure feels like a new challenge. 

One key thing is for us to be healthy. Healthy minds, body and soul. Eat well, move a little more, rest and drink plenty of water. Take supplements to balance up any key vitamins your body is lacking will help you feel better. When you feel better, your mindset will be better and you can be a better mom, wife and colleague. I usually get tired, lack energy and motivation. Taking supplements like Pharmaton helped me a lot. 

Self care isn’t being selfish. I’ve said it several times, it’s important to look after number one so you can look after the number ones in your life. 

Another way to be prepared is to get organised. Organisation doesn’t have to be fancy or complex. A simple calendar with space in the boxes to write down appointments is ok. A more sophisticated planner with dates, telephone numbers, bills, receipts and vouchers is also ok. What’s important is being able to write down key things. When is homework due? when is after school club? when is the next jab or dentist appointment? When are you having your hair done? when is lunch with a friend? When does the fish tank needs washing? When is the parking fine due? When does the washing machine needs servicing? Car M.O.T due?Keep them short and sweet. Bullet points. Try to keep things on direct debit and annual things on yearly reminders on your phone. Most people use smart phones nowadays and they are great planners. Use both. 

Also remember to utilise resources at your disposal. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Ask from family, friends and the school for any support or resources that might be available to you. Find out from your local council what support or information is available in your area. Message people you follow on social media privately to ask for the full story behind the seemingly I -got-it-all- together picture. Be polite. Worst that can happen is they say no or ignore you but be proud of yourself that you put yourself out there. There response will speak more about their personality than yours (approache people you’ve built a good relationship with through liking and commenting on their posts, not people you ignore and now wants their help), it’s ok to ask for help from people outside our circle. 

Finally relax. The kids will be alright. Peace of mind and calmness can go a long way. Kids pick up on it. You will forget to return a signed slip, they will go to school without a jumper or water bottle some day and that’s ok. It won’t be the end of the day. There is always tomorrow. The hope of a better day. 

*Disclaimer: This post contains product I have been paid to advertise however all opinions are mine. I have used this product before I was pregnant (not suitable for pregnant women) and I’m now making an honest review. 

Keeping Your Family Safe This Winter


winter is here already, even though we are still officially in Autumn. The days are getting shorter, darker and grayer. And when you add a mixture of fog to that, visibility becomes difficult to pedestrians, bikers and motorist.

We have put together a few tips to keep you and your family safe this winter.

  • Wear appropriate outdoor clothing.
  • Wear bright coloured coat/jacket/vest or even back pack. This is especially important for kids. Due to their heights and body frame, motorist may find it more difficult to see them.
images: google images
  • layer up. wear light, warm layers of clothes to keep extra warm. For younger children and babies, be mindful not to over heat them.
  • Walk and drive slowly. Grounds are often very slippery. To avoid getting to your destination late, leave the home 15 mins early.
  • Prepare a winter emergency kit to keep in the car. The kit (which could be an unused suitcase) could include food (non-perishable energy bars and snacks), water, flashlight with extra batteries, First Aid kit (this should always be in the car or a small one in your hand bag), plastic bag for sanitation, power bank to charge your mobile phones and few toys, magazines and books to keep the children engaged.
  • Finally and most importantly, please don’t text while walking or text and call while driving. you need to be aware of your surroundings. Be alert. No distractions.

keep warm, keep safe and enjoy the beautiful weather!