Simplifying Home Cleaning 

Cleaning the home can actually be a fun thing to do. And it can be relaxing. Not only is cleaning therapeutic, a clean and organised home gives a sense of calm, peace and happiness. People used to say “but when you have kids, the home will always be messy” “messy home is a sign of happy childhood” well not necessarily the kind of childhood I want to give my kids. 

Yes in a more realistic sense, our homes, especially when there are growing kids in it, cannot be looking like a show room, looking all spotlessly clean every day. However having few things to begin with, not accumulating more things and constantly decluttering as you go around the house can help achieve an acceptable level of cleanliness. ‘Acceptable level’ of cleanliness is when you don’t have to keep apologising to visitors coming in, to ‘Please pardon the mess’ every single time.

Cleaning the home does not have to cost a fortune. A simple water and white vinegar could be all you need to spray your house before cleaning. Add a little warm soapy water or add baking soda for tougher stains. Not only are they natural, organic and environmentally friendly, it helps to have less chemicals around the children. 

When our children were younger, they had serious eczema – a skin condition very common in the UK (there are speculations that the cold weather and constant use of the radiator has something to do with it) but we’ve been told be the doctors that it is more of a severe dryness of the skin. Since learning more about it, we regularly try to eat real food (less processed food) use the moisturiser the GP prescribed and we have gotten ride of cleaning products with harsh chemicals from our home. The kids don’t have any symptoms anymore, BUT, that could also be because of several factors but we are hopeful it’s the combinations of the above. (Full disclosure: We are no medical experts)
For scents, there are essential oils you can add to your cleaning spray to give your home that lovely citrus or lavender smell. So, rather than creating a memory of unclean messy home for the children (not to be confused for messy plays – we love messy plays), why not try creating a memory of a particular smell. Let them ‘Whenever I smelled cinnamon, it reminds me of my childhood’  ~ happy smiling face ~

Small coffee Bar Design

Living in London can be exciting and fun. The down side is that we often don’t have a lot of spaces. Except if you are very rich and can afford to live in bigger homes. But if like us you have a small kitchen, but still want to enjoy the little pleasures of life all you need is a little creativity and determination can help you get your dream coffee bar. 

As a mom of two active kids and a husband who spend all day working, coffee is one of our essentials. A little luxury we tends to embark on before tackling the day ahead of us. So it was a necessity for us to have a coffee bar. Then there was the tiny issue of space.  What we did was to choose where we wanted it to be. 

Location is important in designing your coffee bar because it’s not just a place to make the coffee, but also a place to enjoy it coffee. A happy place. Your coffee bar could be one of the first places you go to when you wake up. For the above design, it was the small counter corner close to the kitchen window. We love the view there as it over looks the garden. Garden where squirrels come to play just as the dawn is breaking. 

We got a clear glass shelf from ikea and screwed it above the tiles. That would hold the coffee and creamer jars. Then we got a same size silver rack bar with hooks on it from amazon. This will hold the coffee mugs. And we chose small coffee mugs. White. 

Choosing your coffee machine is entirely up to you. Your budget, space and style. For us, we wanted a small practical machine that will do the job. Nothing fancy. It holds up to 4 cups of coffee, which is perfect for two grown ups and whenever we have guests. 

Lastly was the decor, this is also about personal choice. Some people love letters, pictures or quotes. Your quote can be funny, relaxing or inspirational. Because we move home quite a lot, we love quotes that reminds us that “home is where the heart is” not brick and mortar. We also find plants to be quite relaxing, so we put a small pot of plant next to the window frame. The idea is to bring in the zen feeling from the garden outside into the kitchen. 

You don’t need a lot of space to have a coffee bar. So if you have been thinking of having one but worried about no space, now you can. You can have one almost anywhere in your home or office, kitchen or dining area. You could even have one on a small table and put it in the lounge or bedroom.