5 Simple Ways to Transition into Spring/Summer

1. Go for bright colors

2. Layer up your tops or shirts with a trench coat, jumper or blazer.

3. Swoop the boots for trainers or plums

4. Accessories – add a scarf, pieces of jewelry, hair bows, etc

5. Wear something White –


After my second child I realized that I don’t actually need a separate handbag and a diaper bag. You can carry just one. And if you are a stylish mom, you can use your regular handbag and still carry your baby’s things. Here are top 10 things you should always carry with you in your handbag

1. Wipes – I don’t only use them for the baby, I could write a post on a thousand things I use them for, even for non-moms/baby related things. From makeup remover to cleaning older kids hands in the park before snack.

2. Diaper – I plan my outings most days and know roughly how long I’m going to be out of the house. I take just a couple of diapers. The baby’s diaper is changed just before leaving the house so two extra changes should be ok before coming back. That way I don’t over pack.

3. A bottle – milk bottle. Even though the baby now eat whatever I’m eating, I found out that she still finds comfort in taking her bottles especially before napping. This can make a great difference between a calm baby who allows you to enjoy a glass of wine while out and about with your friends or a fussy one.

4. Paracetamol- over the counter pain killer. As a solo mom I always advocate self care as priority. One day we went away for the weekend while on a business trip and I was in chronic pains. I could not move, I had these little kids looking up to me, including a young baby and I felt helpless. There was no one around that could help. Before dialing 911 my older daughter stepped up and thanks for meal delivery service that delivers to hotel room. I slept and vowed to never leave the house without some pain killers in my handbag.

5. Plasters/bandaids – because kids will be kids and they will bruise their knees on the playground. We could also cut ourselves shaving or some zit decides to pop, you never know.

6. Money – a few one dollar bills. Different from your regular cash in wallet. I used to be a cashless lady. I prefer taking my bank card with me. I mean with Apple Pay and everything being on direct debits I hardly needed to go out with any change. But as a mom with growing kids, when you are out and there might be a ride the kids want to go on in the amusement park and you that needs change to pay, it’s heartbreaking telling the kids they can’t ride because you only have your debit card with you.

7. A pen – because there is always something to be signed for when you have kids. Especially in America! Since moving from London to America I have signed more papers than I can count.

8. A snack – because mommy is always hungry running errands and chasing after the kids. Just kidding the snacks are for kids but It won’t hurt taking one for yourself too. Helps prevent binging on bad food when you have sugar rush. Just a piece of banana or some nuts.

9. You wallet with your IDs and kids medical records. This is pretty self explanatory because you are always asked for those when you are running errands. There is a different health system here and you have to carry your insurance card with you at all times.

10. A little bottle of scent – I used to carry a small makeup bag before but after find a great makeup line that last all day. I don’t anymore and that has saved up a lot of space in my bag allowing me to carry less things and use a regular bag. I however carry a perfume because all the running around makes you sweat and most changing rooms don’t spell too great.


$200 GIVEAWAY!!!

So I had the pleasure of chatting with one of my favorite mommy friendly fashion brand – Pink Blush and it was fun!

You can read all about it here. We are also doing a giveaway of $200 to one lucky person to shop on their website (think that lovely dress for up coming valentine at no cost to you!) click here to enter. Competition closes 1/27/19 midnight.

Good luck lovelies!


I have avoided the leopard print coat trend for a while now because to be honest, if you fail to style it properly, it ends up looking quite trashy and the patterns can be a little overwhelming for those of us who love simple, clean, feminine and classy styles.

No matter your opinion about the animal print coat, one thing we can all agree on is that they are very cozy and warm especially during these New York cold January months. I must agree they have been my secret go to when looking for warmth and style. I have found three ways to wear the leopard print coat without compromising on style, simplistic look and class.

  1. wear a monochrome under it. I love to wear it with an all white outfit under the coat. A white jeans, and white jumper or a white jumpsuit and a nude heel shoes. You can also wear it with a white ankle boots for the white jeans and jumper look. Complete both look with a classic black handbag and you are sure to look chic and classy in the this coat.
  2. Wear it underneath a sexy evening dress and you would not only turn heads but you will feel empowered from having that racy look to the evening dress. A little black dress accessorised with a black strap heeled sandals and a silver clutch bag.

  3. Wear it underneath a white jeans and t-shirt on a weekend or when going grocery shopping. Leopard print coat on their own look quit dressy and glamorous, so if you are not feeling like putting in a lot of effort into your outfit that day but you still want to look put together, regardless of what you have under, just throw on your leopard print coat and you will look fabulous right away.



How To Afford Designers Things.

It is the holiday season and several parties to attend or host and you want to look a million dollars without spending millions on your outfits. Well now you can have that designer outfit or accessories you always wanted without paying the hefty price tag for it.

Material Box is a personal styling service that delivers pre-owned designer items at 90% off the retail price! Yes you heard that right and I couldn’t believe the quality of the items and how beautiful they were. They came package and had labels on them. At first I thought they were brand new items because of the the newness and freshness of them. There was no visible wear and tear on the ones I got.

Another reason I love this service is that they assign you a personal stylist. Mine was called Dana and she wanted to know parts of me I would love to flatter and parts I’m happy to show off! After asking questions about my likes and taste in fashion she put together a box for me and I loved everything in it. She chose a C/MEO Collectives for me and it was perfect because although I don’t like my bingo wings, I do love my top arms so the blouse had cold shoulders. The open back details said “I’m sexy but classy”. The sleeves had slits which is perfect if you are someone like me who loves to wear jewelries.

You get one box each month containing 5 items. I had a Burberry silk scarf, a Prada handbag, a Max Mara coat and a J Brand jeans. All items were right up my street. You can keep some or all of them or return them. I am already looking forward to the next box. I am so excited to have found them!