On The 10th Day of Christmas

Me and my daughters all ready to go see and smell some fresh Christmas trees while my son takes the photo

On the 10th day of Christmas we went shopping for Christmas tree. If you follow us on social media and watch our stories you would know that we already have a tree and seeing that we live in a small New York City apartment, we don’t have the luxury of having several Christmas trees.

Our Christmas tree

So why go shopping for trees when you don’t need one you may wonder. It is simple really. It is all for the experience. Although I love the idea of taking the kids to the farm to cut a tree (sorry my eco warriors) but I don’t like the actual real trees. It’s weird and confusing I know. I like the idea but not the reality of actually owning one. For one I don’t like the short lifespan. They are high maintenance. I can only grow and nurture children right now and that’s about it. We really want a puppy but I can’t handle extra responsibilities right now and watering a tree every morning in addition to solo parenting isn’t really appealing to me right now.

Also, they shed on the floor and attract bugs. You get this beautiful tree, decorate it. Hang your baby’s first Christmas ornaments. Take baby’s first picture with a tree. That tree has now become part of your family. It is part of your stories and memories. I don’t want to chuck it away after we are done. I want to keep it. I know I may or may not have attachment issues but I love sentimental things especially when it comes to the family. I got our last tree in London when I was single living in Manchester. It followed me all over the UK. I had my first Christmas as a married woman with my husband with the tree. My first born saw it and so was the second child. I know I don’t have a psychological attachment with the tree because when we had to relocate, I left it behind and moved on. Now we got another artificial one and we are creating new memories with it. Come to think of it, I think we should give her a name. Anyway moving on, so I wanted to give the kids the experience of a real tree. Just to see it and smell it. Feel it and we can go back to enjoy our faux tree.

Being that we live in the city with no farm and I don’t like to cause myself undue stress by traveling out of the city just to cut a tree, we made do of the ones that are sold on the curbside street markets. They promise to be freshly cut and I take their words for it. In fact we should thank them for doing all the hard work for us already.

After the experience we went for a walk saw and waved to a police officer riding on a horse. My kids love horses and police officers so it really made their day.

We then came back home to continue our tradition of watching a Christmas movie after homework and dinner. To add to that tradition, I have set up the google home mini to wake us up to Christmas songs every morning. And this morning was the first time and I must say it was beautiful. If you haven’t done this, try it. It sets the tone for the day and you find yourself walking around humming to jolly songs, smiling and looking happy. I particularly love the Beyoncé Christmas songs it played today. I’d forgotten that she did one. Was always used to the Mariah Carey’s one. I can’t wait for the 11th day of Christmas. I already know what this one will bring because it was a pre booked one but I’m hoping it brings many more adventure with it.

On The 9th Day of Christmas

On the 9th day of Christmas I went to have my hair done and ordered a takeaway for the kids. Because I couldn’t make dinner. I wasn’t feeling like doing any cooking or house chores as I just wanted to do something nice for myself.

The next upcoming weeks is going to be so busy for me so it was best I do it now and get it out of the way.

Now I’m ready to face the new week and see what Christmas fun will be coming up.

On the 8th Day of Christmas

So I couldn’t blog about the 8th day of Christmas yesterday. We went out and as usual, I was to write up what had happened during the day after the kids had gone to bed later that night. Unfortunately this night was different. Real life happened and I had to deal with a family emergency.

But earlier on in the day we had gone into Times Square for some window shopping. Regardless of where you live, window shopping especially during the Christmas holiday is always fun. The shop windows are always beautifully decorated and lovely products are displayed.

I love taking the kids to window shopping to open up their imagination. I still remembered the first time I took my daughter to the ones in London some years ago. She was wowed. There was a particular Jimmy Choo shoes she saw in a boutique window, she didn’t know the designers, just the way the shoes was displayed elegantly and the beautiful design. She said she wanted to work hard so she can afford to live in the penthouse above the shop and always come to shop downstairs. We laughed about it and I told her why not.

This time in New York City, my son wanted one of those beautiful Rolex watches. Again they don’t know the true values of the items or even their designers but they just admire how beautiful they look.

Lastly we went to watch the lights in Saks. If you missed the initial light display switch on, don’t worry. They do a mini show daily displaying the beautiful lights in different colors, in the evening. Get there around 4pm to get a good spot as there are several people watching too. I love a good light show but it’s the dramatic sounds effects and music that really got me on this one.

It was really cold so if you are going, get padded up and buy hot chocolate from the near by Starbucks.

The roads and bus stops around the area was blocked off by the cops. Police were diverting traffic away from the area. I wasn’t sure what was happening but something other than the festive season was going as there were lots of extra security. Or maybe it’s just the good people in NYPD just keeping us safe. Overall it was a lovely day.

On The 7th Day of Christmas

On the 7th day of Christmas we went to The Palace Hotel to write and send letters to Santa.

I hope Santa gets them and grant all our wishes. I asked for a Chanel handbag on behalf of the baby. You got to aim high right? 😄

I wonder what tomorrow will bring!

On The 6th Day of Christmas

On the 6th day of Christmas, we went around our neighborhood in the Upper West Side of Manhattan to carry out a research on gift guide for apartment Supers and/or Butlers.

One thing most of them all agreed on was that they would be more than happy if they could get a Christmas card with money on the inside of it. That they can then buy whatever they really want. One went on to explain that he doesn’t get paid. Having a free apartment is his salary so it’s always nice to have some cash to spend on his family during the holiday. That he can use it to buy Christmas tree and even get turkey. Hearing some of their stories kind of made me sad and sorry for them.

So now we know what to get our own super who has been very helpful to us since moving into our apartment. I agree with what a lot of them say, our super would be more happy to receive cash amount rather than material gifts or experience.

One other thing we did while walking around the neighborhood was to admire outdoor buildings with Christmas decorations in them.

This kind of sparked an interest in what the inside decorations would look like. So maybe that would be something for another day of Christmas!