How to care for your face when you don’t have time

As a nursing mom with a newborn baby and two young kids I barely have time for anything this days. There is always a child attached to your arms. No chance to cleans, exfoliating, cleanse again and moisturise. If you are lucky enough to have a shower, you jump straight to moisturise. And on the rare days you get to apply makeup, assuming you still remembers how to contour or draw the perfect eyebrows, you have no chance of removing the makeup before “bedtime”. I say bedtime in quotes because there really isn’t bedtime. You just slumber off wherever you find yourself doing the 100th feed or changing the 99th diaper. There is no bedtime for a mom with a newborn. But don’t worry, these moments don’t last forever. Here are simple ways you can incorporate skincare into your crazy routine.

The trick to looking after your face is all about recycling your time. Making use of any given little opportunity. And being creative. Adjusting your routine to fit into your new life and lastly not worrying on the days you just couldn’t take off your makeup before you slept off. Stress will harm your skin more. You should take joy knowing that you are a life giver and a life protector. You kept those little ones alive, fed washed and loved them all at the expense of a blackhead.

1. Cleans with Baby wipes when changing your baby. Sing, talk to her and make it a bonding time.

2. Have your moisturiser handy. put your moisturiser near you in little containers and put them in your changing bag, nightstand, medicine cabinet, changing basket you keep in the living room. Having them handy means you can moisturise after cleansing with the wipes.

3. Simplify your routine but do it often. Cleanse and moisturise twice a day. Three times if you are not going out. Every time you change your baby, moisturise your face neck and arms.

4. Choose your products carefully. Use products with multiple benefits. One product that can cleanse, tone and exfoliate. I love my Apple cider vinegar cleanse but there are a lot in the market that are gentle on your skin with no harsh chemicals and do all three things to your skin. Then follow with a moisturiser that offers deep hydration.

5. Accept help when offered. If someone offers to hold the baby while you use the bathroom, make use of the offer and take advantage of your bathroom breaks. Accept the help of modern day living. Use your baby carrier to carry your baby close to you while you cleanse your skin.

6. Take it easy on the makeup. The less you put on, the easier it is to take off. Lighter layers of makeup help your pores to breath and not clog up. For added drama, use bold colours and mascara or lashes. Focus on non skin parts that don’t get breakouts. Eyes, brows lips, hair and earrings.

Baby Gender Reveal 

It’s a girl! 

We are so happy to be having another beautiful little baby girl in 5 months time. 

All my cravings and motherly instinct told me it was going to be a boy. I craved for very spicy delicious Western Nigerian meals, similar to the cravings I had in my previous pregnancy with my son. My mother also had a dream that it was going to be a boy. But as usual I was a little sceptical and didn’t go ahead to start shopping for everything blue. We wanted to get the confirmation from the 20 weeks scan. After three pregnancies, I’ve come to realise that babies sometimes have a mind of their own. Just as every child is different, so is every pregnancy. 

I’ve always said to those closest to us that I don’t mind much about the gender of a baby. As long as the child and mom is healthy and both are home safely after the birth. That’s what matters to us. Besides we’ve already got one of each so we are very grateful for any additional child. 

The more detailed 20 weeks scan not only should us our beautiful girls’ face but also showed us that she’s doing well. 

Our daughter Victoria is happy to be having a sister she can play dress-up with. 

While our son Daniel is happy to have at least one baby sister who won’t be bossing him about like his older sister who’s always playing the mummy. 

Me? I’m just happy to be growing our family! 

5 Simple Night Time Skin Care Routine

So the kids are fed, brushed their teeth, bathed and are in bed. You have tidied up the living room and the kitchen, perhaps you have even promised the other half some jigi-jigi (or whatever slang you both use for it). While he’s eagerly waiting for you in the bed, you have to take off your make-up. But you are tired. Still a million things to do, do not worry. We have made a list of five simple bed time make up routine for you because we all know we shouldn’t really be sleeping with our makeups on.

Step 1: Double clean. use an oil base cleanser ( or coconut oil) to remove make-up build-ups. Eyes, lips and cheek. Then use a soap/hot towel treatment to remove and clear the pores.
Step 2: Apple Cider Vinegar treatment to clean, exfoliate and tone (one product that does three steps – kit-chin!)
Step 3: Moisturise the face, not forgetting the neck and ears!
Step 4: Seal with a gel (oily skin). For dry skin, repeat step 3 after allowing the first coat to dry and skip to step 5.
Step 5: moisturise your body focusing on the thighs, bum, tummy, hands and feet. This areas tends to dry up quickly hence they need constant moisturising.
*Optional I like to sleep with a lip gloss on. It keeps my lips moisturise and makes them look plum the next morning. I also like to apply a little oil/cream to my eyelashes. For growth and to prevent them falling off.