3 months old baby update

fullsizeoutput_1638fullsizeoutput_1636IMG_7726IMG_7727you know how they say how time flies when you are having fun? well that is true. I cannot believe that our little rainbow baby Sophia is three months old already. I must agree the sleepless nights, body aches , fever, leaking boobs, picking dinner out from your bra because you’ve been eating standing up with child strapped to your chest. no that part of being a new mom all over again is not fun. but what has been fun has been the smiles they give you with their toothless mouth.


their first giggles when you make a funny face, you realising that they can actually now see you from across the room and follow you with their eyes. them crying and as soon as you pick them up and they stop then you realise they were calling out for you, that your smell, your touch comfort them. that your voice soothes them that they are yours and you are theirs. it is truly a wonderful  feeling of love.

three months have come and gone, in these three month we have learned on each other for support, whenever I feel like it is getting too much and im having a bad day, I look at her, she smiles at me and everything is right with the world again.

she loves to talk, babble I know but I call it talk, we chat together, I let her take turns, when she stops, that is my cue to talk, and she loves it, because she smiles. I try to read to her even though it feels weird because how can she properly understand what im reading to her. at first she only kept her gaze on the book for five seconds, now, she focuses a little longer. im not sure if its the sound but I do know she loves the pictures. she looks at the pictures, boy does she look a lot.

she would look at the trees, cars and buildings on our way to the park. she would look at her hands, at everything and anything, I catch her looking at me when im not looking, she’s examining my face looking at every angle every wrinkle. when im smilling she smiles. she gets jumpy at sudden loud sounds. she tries to grasp for human contacts when she sleeps facing up, I put her bunny rabbit close to her but she still want that human touch.

she is being weened from swaddling now, especially as the weather is getting warmer at nights. she can’t hold objects for long but she tries when I attempt to give her a toy. when I help her and put in into her grasp, she can only hold it for few seconds before letting it go.

she loves to put things in her mouth, she sticks her tongue out to feel things, including my body and clothes. she drools a lot for someone who isn’t teething, she makes bubbles with her saliva and I can bet she actually enjoys playing with the bubbles.

she has lots of wind, it was bad initially and I changed my diet a little bit. avoided food that gave me gas especially diary. she still gets gas but it is less painful. if I let her, she will scratch her face with her nails which tends to grow very quickly.

she had cradle cap (flakes in the hair from dry scalp) and she had dry skin (eczema) after seeing her pediatrics I asked if it was ok to use the British brand of moisturiser I used with the older kids on her and the doctor cleared it. since using it, it has been better (will write more about it in another post), but for now her skin is much better.

she doesn’t sleep through the night but it is much easier than before, I get a good six hours at a time if I go early. she goes down by 7am, wakes up for a feed by 1am, 3am and 7am. so if I go to bed early, I sleep more.

she co-sleeps with us in the bed and I find that easier for breastfeeding her in the middle of the nights when im tired and worn out.


I tell her I love her only a hundred times a day. its true. I really love and like her. she has such a sweet personality, calm, easy to love.

because she breastfeed, her diaper change is now less frequent as supposed to before when it was up to six times a day. she goes two days sometimes without doing a poo.img_7322

Five Fun Baby Things For The Modern mom

Babies aren’t cheap! This is ironic seeing as they actually don’t need much. However, having a new baby is a remarkable milestone for most people. It is a special moment for both parents and baby. This is why we go beyond board sometimes to buy the best baby things for our babies and lets be honest, they are not just for baby use but for adult decor. They are the decor that will always appear in your baby’s childhood photos and memories.

Below is a (non-sponsored) list of baby things to invest in this year. I say investment because this products last longer, they can be used with multiple kids or passed down from one generation to the next and they have good resale value.

1. The silver cross Balmoral Pram – no doubt the balmoral comes on top of our list. This hand crafted luxurious pram made in England have been called the Rolls Royce of prams and they are not wrong. It is an old English classic and just like fine wine, it only gets better with age. The high suspension allows the baby to ride in high majestic, away from fumes and dust. The flat laying well structured upper box allows them to keep their spine flat which is very important in their formation age. The big wheels allows easy gliding across snow and different terrains.

The balmoral is big bold and beautiful. critics say it is quite big to fit into modern day environment. Understandable but I think luxury like that should not be compromised. Moreover must places nowadays are accessible to wheelchair and if you can fit a wheelchair into an environment, you should be able to use your balmoral pram. Personally I don’t use my balmoral pram as my everyday pram. I see it like having a classic car, if you had a Rolls Royce, you won’t want to be driving it every time you are going to the shop to buy a pint of milk! I use mine for walking around my neighbourhood, as a day bed, play den and more importantly hopefully as a family heirloom. Be prepared however as this pram draws a lot of attention- in a good way but sometimes you just want to push your pram in peace like every one else without the looks. On a plus side, it is a good conversation piece!

The Silver Cross Balmoral

2. Mima moon or Bloom highchair – This is simply a matter of preference, as they are both equally beautiful well designed highchairs. These highchairs grow with your newborn baby up to they are 12 years old. From being used as a baby lounger to being used as a video games chair. These premium highchairs come in different colours and moveable accessories. Best of all, you get the option to customise your highchair into your taste and show your creativity. It would have been my ultimate favourite if they could move from side to side combining a highchair with lounger and a swing!

3. Doona Car seat – If you have just given birth you will not be allowed to leave the hospital when you are discharged without a car seat. It is against the law in most states and unsafe to put a child in a car without a car seat. We also need a stroller to make things easier for everyday use, you can’t move around town without one.

This is where the genius idea of the Doona car seat comes in. They have combined a car seat and a stroller together. This was one of my first purchases. It is especially useful for those of us living in the city and taking taxis to get around. It is easier to carry when climbing subway stairs and going up some of the New York walk up buildings. It is not light to carry but for a small lady like myself, I manage it ok. This car seat stroller is the real deal. its suitable from birth to about a year depending on the size of the baby. It is simple practical and easy to use.

4. Nuna Leaf Curve – As a new mom, we all need a few moment once in a while and babies want to be rocked, the Nuna leaf curve provide side to side movement that naturally calms the baby as she is being rocked to sleep. I love the simplicity, comfortable seat and in comparison to some other rockers in the market, the Nuna leaf seat is deep enough and takes less space, it can be carried from room to room. It works with electricity with the Wind (sold separately) attached to it. I love that you don’t have to waste batteries but would have been nice if both products were combined.

5.Cybex Ergonomical Baby Carrier Baby wearing is not only beneficial to your little one, it also helps the mom. Having your baby close to you releases endorphin known as happy hormones. This helps milk flow and can contribute to the prevention of post pattern depression. Carrying your baby close also encourages parent and child bonding. Using a baby carriers that includes the Cybex Ergonomical baby carrier is practical as it frees up your hands to do other thing. This particular carrier like other good ones in the market are durable, well designed, easy to use and secures the baby well. You can wear it forward, backwards and sideways. It has an age adjustable band that allows you to carry your baby from newborn to 18months depending on the weight of your child.