London Fireworks Festival 

It’s November the 5th and that can only mean one thing in London, fireworks display! Both the young and old, rich and the poor all came together in the leafy suburban north London, to celebrate the grand festival at the popular Alexandra palace. 

The display was both spectacular and magical all at the same time. Right from the build up of the event few days earlier, to the various activities like the food courts, cocktail bar, face painting music, to the actual display. 

The fireworks was artistically executed. Beautifully arrayed in a manner that was both poetic and entertaining. The various tempos were met by the mesmerising audience with a “wow” and an “ohhh” on several occasions. 

The music selection was on point, with guest nodding their heads and shaking the body to the groovy but yet classy sounds including Adele’s – Hello. 

This is very likely to become a fast family bonfire festival tradition for any family who has recently moved to London.