A Trip to Science Museum London 

Over the years we’ve taken the kids to the science museum London. They enjoyed it as younger kids but didn’t understand much then.

Since the kids got a little older and started full time primary school, we haven’t taken them for a while, until it was science week at their school and they needed to submit a project. Time for a little adventure!

To keep the kids entertained on our tube ride, we picked up a tube map for them to navigate our stops. Being it was a Sunday, there were engineering works going on on the London Underground, which affected our journey. 

The science museum London is a free entry museum (donations accepted and we highly recommend it), it’s easy to locate. To get there, follow the signs from South Kensington underground station, past the natural history museum on the left. The Victoria and Albert Museum on the right until you get to the end of the subway and then you turn to your left. 

You will need to go through security check and then your adventures begins with locomotives and stem engines, many interesting things to see, do and discover on the ground floor,all the way to the top floor. 

Exploring space. 

We went on a space tour learning interesting facts like how astronauts do number 2 in space and bring the sample back to NASA to analyse the content of their poo. Space is pretty but its poo business isn’t pretty. 

Then we took the stairs all the way to explore more matters and materials. There is lift, clean toilet with baby changing facilities and a cafeteria (first floor) that sells hot and cold food. There is a gift shop on the ground floor. 

Next we explored matters and materials. 

By the time we had lunch and toured the second floor, we were tired. There was School the next day and I didn’t want to tire them up. So we had to go but we are coming back over the half term for part 2! 

Baby Gender Reveal 

It’s a girl! 

We are so happy to be having another beautiful little baby girl in 5 months time. 

All my cravings and motherly instinct told me it was going to be a boy. I craved for very spicy delicious Western Nigerian meals, similar to the cravings I had in my previous pregnancy with my son. My mother also had a dream that it was going to be a boy. But as usual I was a little sceptical and didn’t go ahead to start shopping for everything blue. We wanted to get the confirmation from the 20 weeks scan. After three pregnancies, I’ve come to realise that babies sometimes have a mind of their own. Just as every child is different, so is every pregnancy. 

I’ve always said to those closest to us that I don’t mind much about the gender of a baby. As long as the child and mom is healthy and both are home safely after the birth. That’s what matters to us. Besides we’ve already got one of each so we are very grateful for any additional child. 

The more detailed 20 weeks scan not only should us our beautiful girls’ face but also showed us that she’s doing well. 

Our daughter Victoria is happy to be having a sister she can play dress-up with. 

While our son Daniel is happy to have at least one baby sister who won’t be bossing him about like his older sister who’s always playing the mummy. 

Me? I’m just happy to be growing our family! 

The Yacht London Review

The Yacht London is a permanently moored boat restaurant on the London river thames. It is literally across the road from Temple underground station.

We first came to The Yacht London some years ago during my husbands birthday party. We had a meal with few of our friends and I always knew we would comeback. 

With so many restaurants to choose from in London, I must say I stumbled across The Yacht London by chance. My husband’s then office was in Embarkment, which is just few minute walk from temple and I was looking for something edgy, fun and yet classy. I think we had also just gotten back from a cruise to Amsterdam that left quite an impression on us, we wanted to taste that dining on a ship once again. It seemed like the perfect place.

on arrival, we were welcomed by a friendly waiter who asked us to choose where we wanted to seat ( we arrived early and they were just opening up so there was plenty of tables to choose from), of course we chose the seat with the best view. Tables on the right side of the glassed windows have London views and must of the iconic landmark like the London eye, Big Ben and the shad.


The boat rocked while we were eating, which was amazing because you would think you were actually on a moving boat. Not too cool if you are prone to being sea sick.

The food was mostly delicious. The started came quite quickly (a plus for hungry pregnant mamas) with a free refillable glass of still water. 

The mains was made to perfection. We both had steak which came with salad and chunky chips. It was filling and my serloin was well complimented by peppercorn sauce. 

The other half didn’t want desserts, I wanted to try one so I ordered what I call strawberry, cream and biscotti (it probably had a very fancy name that I can’t remember). It was served in a large glass bow. Very well decorated I felt guilty sticking my spoon in it to eat it thereby destroying the masterpiece. He saw it and asked for an extra spoon and dug right in. 

After two glasses of lemonade (which again had a very fancy name), couple with the fact that my unborn baby probably has my bladder in his hand, I had to use the loo before going. 

I always love cute toilet selfies but what was even more amazing at this restaurant was the hallway to the toilet, which is located in the basement of the ship. 

It was the stained glass windows that first caught my eyes. Then the beautiful, simple but elegant chandelier. 

The restaurant was lovely. It’s not cheap to eat here but it’s affordable and I will definitely comeback again. Highly recommend. 

10 Things to See and Do In Brighton.

Brighton is a seaside resort in England and its beach is amongst one of the 10 Best Beaches near London . Just under 2 hours train from London. There is a sense of cosmopolitan atmosphere, enchanting and exciting restaurants, shops and accommodations. Everything in walking distance. Spending a day in Brighton and going back to London the same can be achieved. But if you want to make it a little getaway there are several choices of accommodation to choose from.


From boutique hotels, self catering accommodation to B&B, there is always a warm welcome for everyone. Brighton Holiday House is a selection of quality self gathering holiday accommodation. Keystay Holiday Let offer you home away from home accommodation at affordable prices.

If you not into self-catering accommodations but hotels are more of your thing, The Old ship Hotel located just a short walking distance from the historic Royal Pavilion will make you feel at home. With a little extra charges you can get a sea view room looking over the glorious Brighton blue sea and pier. Next to The Old ship is Jury’s Inn. It has a swimming pool and close to antique shops, boutiques and several restaurants including Jamie Oliver Italian restaurant. If you are looking for a little bit of American style kind of hotel, the Hotel Seattle will be right up your street. Hotel Una is a classy elegant boutique hotel.The Grand Brighton Hotel is a luxury seafront hotel with an elegant spa, iconic staircase that leads up to a skyline terrace.



There are several places to wine and dine in Brighton. Where ever you decide to eat, make sure to enjoy a fish and chip by the beach. Other things you could do to have a truly remarkable time include:

  1. Go shopping at the Lanes – shopping at the North Lanes makes shopping in Brighton a unique experience, from vegetarian shoes to vintage clothes, you would find everything you looking for. Take a walk along the West street arcade and be mesmerised by the quirky narrow indoor shopping mall.



2. Go to the Royal Pavilion – An Indian/Chinese style royal architecture will make you think you have been teleported to some exotic Arab country.


3. Go to the Pier for an endless fun for the kids and kids at heart. There are several rides, restaurants and you can take a gentle walk along the beach overlooking the beautiful Regency architecture of Brunswick square and Adelaide crescent.


4. Visit the Sea Life Brighton for a display of exotic aquatic animals like Sharks, Octopus, turtles and many more. This indoor family place is perfect for the British raining summers.

5. Do you need some Zen time? Go canoeing, paddle boarding or kayaking for some one on one time with nature. If its your first time doing water sports, don’t worry, there are packages for beginners and newbies.


6. Let the kids loose at the Kings Road Playground and Paddling pool. Located west of the west pier (BN1 2LN) this play area allows little ones to play in the pool or climb the exciting castles and toys, then roll around in the sands. It’s free to the public, has a changing facilities and opens 10am – 7pm.


7. Treat yourself to some ice cream and brownies at Cloud 9, or the traditional Brighton ice-cream at Marroccos or if you are a vegetarian, Boho Gelato has something for every taste buds.


8. Listen to music at the Bandstand. The grade II listed building is not only for weddings and entertainments, it’s also has iconic architectural and historical importance. You can hear bands playing every summer Sunday afternoon.


9. Go on the British Airways i360 – we could say go on the big wheel but we have a big wheel in London, The Official London Eye. The BA i360 claimed to be the Worlds tallest moving observation tower.


10. Have an Afternoon Tea at the Grand Brighton Hotel.


Whatever you decide to do, make sure to have a lovely time!

A Summer in Brighton Video

Every woman should go on an Helicopter ride 

When I was in my early 20s, I had a list of things I wanted to do before turning 30. It was like a bucket list or you could call it a dream. They weren’t big or necessarily sentimental, they were just things I fancied doing or places I wanted to go. 

One of it was to go in an helicopter ride around one of my favourtite cities in the world – London. Then life happened. Got married, had kids, went to university, bought a house, went passed 30 – way passed. It never seemed right to go on a joyride in an helicopter. Especially as one is trying to balance life as a mom.

With my little gift card (I didn’t want any material gift for Christmas), our kids now in full time primary education and a little more time in my hands ( that is when not cooking, cleaning, doing the laundering, shopping, changing the light bulbs or the engine oil in the car, helping kids with their home learning or attending one PTA or another and oh being a good wife, a sexy lover/girlfriend (role play *roll eyes*) to the husband, a spontaneous date, a daughter, granddaughter, an aunt, cousin, friend, colleague, …. ) it was time to re-visit the list of things I wanted to do.

Its never too late to make plans or try to accomplish one. What would you like to do? What excites you? As a little girl or boy, what were your dreams? write it down and work towards it. You would be surprised it doesn’t cost a lot, it’s ok to treat yourself and that you can actually find the time to do it. It doesn’t have to be done immediately, Knowing that it would be done some day is good enough to give you that tingery sense of excitement. Like the one I have for my next one. 

The anticipation to the event was mind bubbling. I could not contain myself. But then there was the big question to what do one wear to an helicopter ride? I googled it and had only 2 outfit inspiration I fancied. And they were celebrities. I ain’t got no fancy celebrities clothes, shoes or bags. 

What I had was my DKNY handbag, Tommy Hilfiger jeans, thigh high boots from Asda George and an old white shirt I’m not even sure where I got it from – that old. And my camera!

Going for something comfortable, simple and classy can not do anyone any harm. 

The next worry was how would it go? The experience was booked for spring, but British weather being what it is, it was a little hazy and foggy. How safe would it be? If by now you haven’t guessed, I worry a lot. I worry about being worried, which makes me worried. 

But I needed not worry so much. If only I knew. Don’t let your fears and anxiety hold you back. Be scared but go anyway. 

The day was amazing, there was a chauffeured driven executive car that came to pick us up from the house. We got there plenty in time to a very lovely modern glass office building, in Borehamwood – Hertfordshire, a 20 mins drive from our north London home.

There was a little delay, because of the weather. But soon after, we were ushered into a room to be briefed on safety. We were then lead to our chopper (I love that word chopper *smugged face* ). It was nice being able to seat in the front seat with the pilot (made a girl feel like the co-pilot). The pilot was very good and professional – he didn’t mind me taking a thousand selfies or flipping my braids from one side to the other in order get the best view of London from above. 

The experience was a 30 mins helicopter ride around London. 

It was amazing seeing how the roads form boundaries. The pilot ran commentary pointing out famous landmarks like The Shad, The Gherkin, the London Eye, The O2, West Ham football ground and many more he could fit into the seemingly brief experience. I forgot how beautiful The Thames looked from above. The curve snake like shape. 

The whole experience lasted about 30mins and soon came to an end. It was so wonderful, I definitely would recommend it for every woman ( ok, and men). The ride was phenomenon. The euphoric feeling lingers on even several days after. It was an experience I would never forget in an hurry, and I’m looking forward to doing it again! and oh, you don’t have to duck when entering an helicopter, except you are extremely tall ( I ducked though, thinks its a reflex thing observed from too much TV)