10 Best Beaches near London

London has an excellent connection to some of England’s best beaches. Picturesque dunes, sugar grain sands, ice cream, colourful beach. We love the English sea sides in all it’s beautiful weathers. 

1. Minnis Bay, in Birchington Kent – this beach comes with free parking, kids play area with a paddling pool, windsurfing, kite boarding, sailing, restaurants and it even has blue waters like the Maldives. 1hr 52mins from London st Pancras. People come here for the sunset. It’s beautiful in the day and even more amazing just as the sun is going down. 


Image via: .milesandbarr.co.uk

2. Bournmouth – in dorset, 2 hours train ride from London waterloo sits miles of golden sands. So much to do and see in Bournemouth. 


You even get Palms! Mimicking some exotic holiday destinations. 


Bournemouth have a beautiful blue water, sandy beach

3. West Wittering in East Sussex lovely sandy beach with separate areas for dogs. It has a large car park, you can have a BBQ on the sand or in the fields. Lots of shops, toilets and cleaning facitities to keep it neat and tidy. With just under 2 hours from London, no wonder its many families favourite.

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4. Clacton-On-Sea in Essex is a stretch of clean golden sand, lots of cafes, bars, restaurants playing live bands. It’s just under 2 hours drive from London. Good train station with direct link to London Liverpool Street. Bus coach station. 

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Amazing rides, mini golf, water games including canoeing. Indoor play area, bowling, amazing restaurants from Mexican to American dinners all lined the street opposite the beach. The pier is lovely to go watch the annual air show or for just an evening romantic walk. 

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5. Mersea Island in Oyster Bars – This little Essex town will make you feel like you are in a different continent. From a family run vineyard service wine and cold bear while over looking the black sea, to water sports such as Kayaking. You will never be short of things to see and do. The beautiful blue water beach with a mixture of pebbles and sand is perfect for families with little ones as the water is shallow and hardly any waves. The views are stunning, especially as the sun is setting. you can see the lights from neighbouring towns twinkling like little stars. Don’t forget to collect some shells and pebbles!

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6. Botany Bay near Broadstairs in Kent – Pretty little cove, chalk cliffs and blue waters just 1hr 25mins from St Pancras 2 hrs from Victoria. This is one of our family’s favourite, the cliffs will remind you of something from the Algarve.

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7. Camber sands in East Sussex – A stretch of beautiful sandy beach for lovely pre and post dinner walks. Vast area of sands to play and build those sandy castles! Watch out for sand lizards! In the peak of summer, you might think you are somewhere in Morocco! 

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8. Holywell Retreat, East Sussex

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The view is spectacular, it will take your breath away. just don’t be tempted to jump! and be careful when taking those perfect selfies.
9. Brighton – this vibrant cosmopolitan city boast not only of its colourful beach hunts and an amazing long stretch pier but also stony beach with blue waters. Just under an hour and half Brighton is one of the closest beache to London.

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10. Margate Beache in Hastings – This beautiful beach is mainly sandy when the tides are low

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Love for kids to paddle in the water. 

This is a shortened version of some of our amazing UK seasides with amazing beaches. 

If your favourite beach that is few hours from London hasn’t been mentioned, tell us about it in the comments section. 


5 Simple Night Time Skin Care Routine

So the kids are fed, brushed their teeth, bathed and are in bed. You have tidied up the living room and the kitchen, perhaps you have even promised the other half some jigi-jigi (or whatever slang you both use for it). While he’s eagerly waiting for you in the bed, you have to take off your make-up. But you are tired. Still a million things to do, do not worry. We have made a list of five simple bed time make up routine for you because we all know we shouldn’t really be sleeping with our makeups on.

Step 1: Double clean. use an oil base cleanser ( or coconut oil) to remove make-up build-ups. Eyes, lips and cheek. Then use a soap/hot towel treatment to remove and clear the pores.
Step 2: Apple Cider Vinegar treatment to clean, exfoliate and tone (one product that does three steps – kit-chin!)
Step 3: Moisturise the face, not forgetting the neck and ears!
Step 4: Seal with a gel (oily skin). For dry skin, repeat step 3 after allowing the first coat to dry and skip to step 5.
Step 5: moisturise your body focusing on the thighs, bum, tummy, hands and feet. This areas tends to dry up quickly hence they need constant moisturising.
*Optional I like to sleep with a lip gloss on. It keeps my lips moisturise and makes them look plum the next morning. I also like to apply a little oil/cream to my eyelashes. For growth and to prevent them falling off.

Spring Garden Party Outfit 

The sun is out and spring weather is one of the most beautiful weather in London. All the pretty colours come out to play! It’s not too cold or too hot. The flowers make everything look beautiful. Time to have those long overdue out door parties in the garden.

Girl cardigan from Asda George

Cross body bag is a wardrobe essential. They can be worn three ways. As a shoulder bag, clutch and cross body for those active times when you want to go hands-free.

Kids clothes and accessories from H&M

A good party always ends in kisses x

2017 May Day in and around London

Mid last year, we decided to live a more conscious life. Part of it was to explore our surroundings more. It is like going for a weekend break but without the packing and airport security.

Our long weekend adventure started with a road trip to Clacton-on-sea beach. Clacton beach (as it’s commonly known) is a sandy, clean and clear beach with plenty of room for walking. cafes, ice cream bar and a lovely pier plenty of rides. We swam in the cold waters, built sand castles, eat fish and chips from the local shop. If you are staying for more than a day trip, there are several hotels overlooking the sea, lots of different restaurants from Mexico grill to an American dinner with a new Milkshake bar.

There is an amusement park with fun rides for different age groups. Must of rides require tokens and a couple of the ride can be riden with a pound coin.

Few minutes walk is a garden centre with beautiful plants and flowers, golf course and even more stretch of coastline.

Street parking on Sundays are free.

On Monday we went to the Natural history museum to explore the dinosaurs. The museum which is 5mins walk from South Kensignton Station, it is a free entry museum (but donations accepted and we recomend it). With plenty of things to see and do at the museum, there can never be a boring moment. You can easily lose yourself here, plenty of knowledge, fun facts about animals, human body, interactive gadgets, gigantic dinausurs models, amazing architecture, lovely location – there are more things to see and do around the Natural History Museum. if you are visiting London, this museum is definitely a must. It’s charming and has lots of characters

You can spend the whole day at the museum or spend some time there and move on to explore other nearby London attractions such as Hyde Park or the museum of science which is just 10 mins walk.

It was time to go.

We had a 6:30 dinner reservations at Sketch London. Sketch is a French restaurant located on Conduit street, just off Regent street.  It is a quirky chic French restaurant with a unique experience. well presented food, wonderful service from polite staffs who were ready to take our orders and were making jokes with the kids. they asked if anyone had any food allergy (first time we had been asked by any restaurant. This was important to us because our daughter has a white fish Allergy). The pink lush décor, funny crazy drawings on the walls is grand and opulent. It is an expensive place but affordable and you need to book ahead of time.

The food was delicious – told the chef how I like my steak medium to well done and it came out really nice. Service charge is already included in the bill.

The street names on the dining plates was a really lovely touch.

Friendly staffs making jokes with the kids.

Free Things To Do in London

Five or Less

It is the school holidays and if like me; you are wondering what to do to keep the youngsters busy and out of trouble, no need to stress or worry. You are sure to find several inexpensive things to do that will keep them busy and happy. Making memories and spending time as family doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful, especially if you live in London.

We have put together a list of simple five free family activities you can do in and around London.

  1. PJs Picnic in the Park – PPP put a jacket under their Pyjamas and go on a picnic in the park.
  2. Watching Wonders Wednesday – why not Watch the daily changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace.
  3. Museum Mondays – the science museum and Natural History Museums are free. Or have some Art Attack at the National Gallery.
  4. Find a Fish Friday- Finding Nemo…

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Every woman should go on an Helicopter ride 

When I was in my early 20s, I had a list of things I wanted to do before turning 30. It was like a bucket list or you could call it a dream. They weren’t big or necessarily sentimental, they were just things I fancied doing or places I wanted to go. 

One of it was to go in an helicopter ride around one of my favourtite cities in the world – London. Then life happened. Got married, had kids, went to university, bought a house, went passed 30 – way passed. It never seemed right to go on a joyride in an helicopter. Especially as one is trying to balance life as a mom.

With my little gift card (I didn’t want any material gift for Christmas), our kids now in full time primary education and a little more time in my hands ( that is when not cooking, cleaning, doing the laundering, shopping, changing the light bulbs or the engine oil in the car, helping kids with their home learning or attending one PTA or another and oh being a good wife, a sexy lover/girlfriend (role play *roll eyes*) to the husband, a spontaneous date, a daughter, granddaughter, an aunt, cousin, friend, colleague, …. ) it was time to re-visit the list of things I wanted to do.

Its never too late to make plans or try to accomplish one. What would you like to do? What excites you? As a little girl or boy, what were your dreams? write it down and work towards it. You would be surprised it doesn’t cost a lot, it’s ok to treat yourself and that you can actually find the time to do it. It doesn’t have to be done immediately, Knowing that it would be done some day is good enough to give you that tingery sense of excitement. Like the one I have for my next one. 

The anticipation to the event was mind bubbling. I could not contain myself. But then there was the big question to what do one wear to an helicopter ride? I googled it and had only 2 outfit inspiration I fancied. And they were celebrities. I ain’t got no fancy celebrities clothes, shoes or bags. 

What I had was my DKNY handbag, Tommy Hilfiger jeans, thigh high boots from Asda George and an old white shirt I’m not even sure where I got it from – that old. And my camera!

Going for something comfortable, simple and classy can not do anyone any harm. 

The next worry was how would it go? The experience was booked for spring, but British weather being what it is, it was a little hazy and foggy. How safe would it be? If by now you haven’t guessed, I worry a lot. I worry about being worried, which makes me worried. 

But I needed not worry so much. If only I knew. Don’t let your fears and anxiety hold you back. Be scared but go anyway. 

The day was amazing, there was a chauffeured driven executive car that came to pick us up from the house. We got there plenty in time to a very lovely modern glass office building, in Borehamwood – Hertfordshire, a 20 mins drive from our north London home.

There was a little delay, because of the weather. But soon after, we were ushered into a room to be briefed on safety. We were then lead to our chopper (I love that word chopper *smugged face* ). It was nice being able to seat in the front seat with the pilot (made a girl feel like the co-pilot). The pilot was very good and professional – he didn’t mind me taking a thousand selfies or flipping my braids from one side to the other in order get the best view of London from above. 

The experience was a 30 mins helicopter ride around London. 

It was amazing seeing how the roads form boundaries. The pilot ran commentary pointing out famous landmarks like The Shad, The Gherkin, the London Eye, The O2, West Ham football ground and many more he could fit into the seemingly brief experience. I forgot how beautiful The Thames looked from above. The curve snake like shape. 

The whole experience lasted about 30mins and soon came to an end. It was so wonderful, I definitely would recommend it for every woman ( ok, and men). The ride was phenomenon. The euphoric feeling lingers on even several days after. It was an experience I would never forget in an hurry, and I’m looking forward to doing it again! and oh, you don’t have to duck when entering an helicopter, except you are extremely tall ( I ducked though, thinks its a reflex thing observed from too much TV)

Simplifying Home Cleaning 

Cleaning the home can actually be a fun thing to do. And it can be relaxing. Not only is cleaning therapeutic, a clean and organised home gives a sense of calm, peace and happiness. People used to say “but when you have kids, the home will always be messy” “messy home is a sign of happy childhood” well not necessarily the kind of childhood I want to give my kids. 

Yes in a more realistic sense, our homes, especially when there are growing kids in it, cannot be looking like a show room, looking all spotlessly clean every day. However having few things to begin with, not accumulating more things and constantly decluttering as you go around the house can help achieve an acceptable level of cleanliness. ‘Acceptable level’ of cleanliness is when you don’t have to keep apologising to visitors coming in, to ‘Please pardon the mess’ every single time.

Cleaning the home does not have to cost a fortune. A simple water and white vinegar could be all you need to spray your house before cleaning. Add a little warm soapy water or add baking soda for tougher stains. Not only are they natural, organic and environmentally friendly, it helps to have less chemicals around the children. 

When our children were younger, they had serious eczema – a skin condition very common in the UK (there are speculations that the cold weather and constant use of the radiator has something to do with it) but we’ve been told be the doctors that it is more of a severe dryness of the skin. Since learning more about it, we regularly try to eat real food (less processed food) use the moisturiser the GP prescribed and we have gotten ride of cleaning products with harsh chemicals from our home. The kids don’t have any symptoms anymore, BUT, that could also be because of several factors but we are hopeful it’s the combinations of the above. (Full disclosure: We are no medical experts)
For scents, there are essential oils you can add to your cleaning spray to give your home that lovely citrus or lavender smell. So, rather than creating a memory of unclean messy home for the children (not to be confused for messy plays – we love messy plays), why not try creating a memory of a particular smell. Let them ‘Whenever I smelled cinnamon, it reminds me of my childhood’  ~ happy smiling face ~