I have been hearing a lot about Restoration Hardware restaurant in the Meatpacking district of downtown Manhattan and I was intrigued simply because of the interior design. If there is one thing about interior decorations that I love, it is chandelier. Seeing a lot of them under one enclosed rooftop restaurant, you need not say much I will be there in a heartbeat.

So before my husband went back to work, we had our last day date there. The place was amazingly beautiful. It is located at the top of the interior design store of which it is named after. On entering the building, we were greeted by a receptionist who was very polite and friendly. He directed us to the elevator and told us what floor to get off on. The walk to the elevator was magnificent. Adored with beautiful home decor display.

I wanted to stop and have a look around but my husband isn’t very patient. Maybe he was concerned I was going to leave with a giant wall frame instead of what we came there to do. We took the elevator and landed in a beautiful oasis. Yes I’m not playing with words here. It was indeed serene. You are greeted by courteous waiters and by the beautiful sound of water falling in little water fountains next to the seating areas. Several of them.

The sounds immediately set the baby off to sleep, leaving us to enjoy a delicious breakfast.

The baby later woke up to join us in breakfast. She was able to eat most of what we had. It wasn’t too hot or spicy for her.

After drinking a cup of coffee and finished eating, I wanted a little drink. Just because. The mood was lovely and this was our last date. It may not be an evening out with just the two of us, I was going to have a drink and enjoy the moment anyway.

Next it was time to check out the ladies room.

Restoration hardware restaurant like many public places in New York City, have unisex toilets. There was no baby changing facilities but it was clean and one could sit on the toilet seat and change the baby on your laps.

I loved the gallery wall in the restroom as well as the marble and gold theme of the room.

It is very accessible, clean and the food was out of this world delicious. They have a valet parking for strollers although we didn’t need to because I was using the small stroller that coverts to a seat as I didn’t want to wake up the baby. It is not cheap but it is very affordable. Overall, it was a 5 star experience. I can’t wait to go back.

If you want to go with younger kids, I would say go in the day time. And for grownups time, go in the evening. And always dress smart casual. You could take off your jacket later on like my husband did and relax.