This white dress is perfect for any occasion when you want to feel a little bit more dressed up.

Give a woman a pretty dress and she will feel like a princess for a day. I was recently asked to become an ambassador for Pinkblush and I was very excited about it. I knew of them when I was pregnant and still living in the UK. They have practical and yet elegant outfits for women of all sizes and shapes.

When I first found out I was going to become a mom, one thing that I promised myself was to not allow motherhood affect my style. In all honesty, it does affect how we dress. We sometimes now go for comfort (including comfort for the babies you are going to be carrying on your chest and laps) and practical. Despite the need for these changes, we do not have to compromise on Style. I know it is hard finding outfits that combines style with practicality sometimes, that was why I fell in love with Pinkblush.

After having a baby, some of us find it hard to “bounce” back to our pre-baby body. Those sleepless nights and exhaustion cause us to fuel on carbs often times not the good kind. We are not pregnant anymore and yet don’t have that pre-baby body, we need clothes that makes us feel sexy, empowered, classy and yet comfortable in our own skin.

This pink dress bellow is one of my favorite. Dress it up or dress it down you are sure to look and feel fabulous. It is true to size and very flattering. The length is perfect and the texture is lovely for any season. Layer it up for the colder weather or wear it as it is for more sunnier season.

Pink mauve cold shoulder dress

Bellow is another favorite from pink blush that is perfect for mommies like us. I love the wide sleeves and free in the tummy area. The V neck is perfect for breastfeeding.

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