On The 19th Day of Christmas

We found a hidden gem in the form of restaurant. The Rockefeller’s center is often times mistaken for just going in for pre-top booked activities like the view from the top of the rock or ice skating. What a lot of people especially if this is your first time, do not know is that there are several restaurants and shops downstairs of the building. You can just walk into the building, take the stairs and be amazed by several places to eat and shop. Shops includes Starbucks, pizza shop, sit in table service restaurants and a fast track to the ice rink.

We stopped to eat at Cuccina and Co.

We were seated on time and a waiter came to collect our orders in less than 5 mins. This was impressive considering there was lots of people and I must say a positive experience because when you are a parent hauling kids around the kids and they are hungry, you want to get food inside their stomach as soon as possible.

The food was delicious. There wasn’t overly a lot of options, again this can be good for some people. I don’t like being overwhelmed with options personal so far they have a good option of cooked meals, it’s good enough.

We had food from the kids menu – Pasta and tomato sauce and desert. We also had chicken and mashed potato (wish it came with vegetables) and a shareable cheesecake desert. It was very filling for three people. I loved the chicken meal. It was well seasoned, moist and they added a gravy-like-sauce. I have been to several American restaurants and most times the steak or meat or fish is served dry. They give you ketchup or something like that to put on it. I love a good sauce on my meats. It literally and figuratively wet your palette. So I was really impressed with this meal.

I will definitely recommend this restaurant and would definitely be going back. I loved the food and the quick service. It was clean and the staffs were courteous. It is family friendly.

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