On The 17th Day of Christmas

I am loving blogmas and making new and interesting contents for you all. However, editing and putting it together this period is so crazy. I wanted to be doing them live unlike those vlogmas that are prerecorded. And preplanned or with no Christmas content. Now I understand why they do that. Christmas time in NYC school is hectic and this is our first experience. Fun fact:

We traveled to America on Christmas Day which meant we had two Christmases. One in London and one in America! So the kids joined the next school season. In the UK, Christmas time is a little more mellow. Any busyness you have is self inflicted really. I was always taking the kids to winter wonderland in Hyde Park or one Panto. But at their school, they just had a Christmas jumper day and “sometimes” end of year Christmas play. A lot of parents didn’t like that it wasn’t all the time. And all the years. Maybe it was the school our kids were in but there were some years one child will have a Christmas play and the other won’t have one.

Here in America it is different. Maybe it is just NYC but there are several things going on and I love and function in all the chaos but it’s hard keeping track of especially being our first time. Last week was the younger one winter concert at school.

And like most things America which I love by the way, it was grand. The PTA were selling roses and I was wondering if I should get one because first of all he is a boy and secondly he is not used to this practice from the UK. I saw a friend buy one for his son so I went ahead and did the same. It’s the gesture that matters not the sex. Boys needs to be cheered and appreciated when they perform too. Secondly we are loving acculturating into our new homeland. And I love this practice.

Then yesterday was my oldest daughters winter concert and recital.

The baby was so happy to see her big sister on stage. She was cheering her on. Then we went to give her a quick hug and kiss. Unfortunately the PTA did not sell flowers this time.

Next is more recital from their end of year after school club concert. Then class Christmas parties. Collections for the teachers and staffs which is brilliant by the way. Instead of individual gifts, the parents make a collection and one appointment parent get the teachers something they really want. So even if one parent doesn’t have something to contribute, they still get involved.

They also have Christmas jumper day here in America but they call it Holiday attire day. There are lots of Jewish people here and not everyone celebrate Christmas so they use “holiday” more than “Christmas” here. One other thing is that the school took the kids to a theater (in Times Square) so I guess that’s like going to the Pantomime here. The rest things I filled them up on. Now we kind of have the best of both worlds. Traditions we brought from the UK and the traditions we are experiencing here too.

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