How To Afford Designers Things.

It is the holiday season and several parties to attend or host and you want to look a million dollars without spending millions on your outfits. Well now you can have that designer outfit or accessories you always wanted without paying the hefty price tag for it.

Material Box is a personal styling service that delivers pre-owned designer items at 90% off the retail price! Yes you heard that right and I couldn’t believe the quality of the items and how beautiful they were. They came package and had labels on them. At first I thought they were brand new items because of the the newness and freshness of them. There was no visible wear and tear on the ones I got.

Another reason I love this service is that they assign you a personal stylist. Mine was called Dana and she wanted to know parts of me I would love to flatter and parts I’m happy to show off! After asking questions about my likes and taste in fashion she put together a box for me and I loved everything in it. She chose a C/MEO Collectives for me and it was perfect because although I don’t like my bingo wings, I do love my top arms so the blouse had cold shoulders. The open back details said “I’m sexy but classy”. The sleeves had slits which is perfect if you are someone like me who loves to wear jewelries.

You get one box each month containing 5 items. I had a Burberry silk scarf, a Prada handbag, a Max Mara coat and a J Brand jeans. All items were right up my street. You can keep some or all of them or return them. I am already looking forward to the next box. I am so excited to have found them!

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