On The 12th Day of Christmas

Christmas is a time of good cheers and happiness. But how can you have good cheers when you have not slept properly. I can understand the frustration of some parents when they don’t get why some people are always smiling. What’s funny. I haven’t slept in like forever.

I do understand you, I honestly do. People say all kids are different that is so true. By six months old my two older kids had settled into their routines. They slept through the night and maybe occasionally wakes up for water or snack. Especially my son. He was really good. My oldest daughter wasn’t that to easy especially in the early part of the night.

My youngest baby is now 9 months and she hasn’t slept through the night once. To be fair, she’s not really fully awake, she grunts and if I don’t put food in her mouth (especially milk) she starts crying. Even from her sleepy state. So I understand you if you haven’t been sleeping. I understand the exhaustion. The bags under the eyes. The feeling of depression trying to sweep in. It’s hard. Especially if you don’t have full time help around the house.

I started sleep training her two weeks ago and I will update on that another time because I want to make sure the method is well tried and tested. But what I can say right now is that she wakes up for reassurance.

You are all they probably know. From the time they were in your womb. They can hear you, feel you, even smell you. Now that they are here, we expect them to just be detached from us and do so easily. It will take time.

I started exercising again this week and I mistakenly forgot my t-shirt inside her cot (problem of wearing too much whites – everything blends in). So when I put her to sleep I didn’t realize she was actually sleeping on my T-shirt. And she slept for a long time. Being that that was my exercise outfit, I had sweated on it. She could smell me, as if I was there with her inside her cot. Whenever she wanted to wake up, she would just go back to sleep. For the first time in a while, I slept for long.

I’m not going to be put smelling t-shirts inside her cot but I’m going something from me. A used but clean t-shirt. Something that still has my smell on it.

Another thing to remember is that sometimes we forget all this. We are busy with other things like making dinner, running a bath, checking homework and so on. To help remember, take a piece of clothing you don’t wear often, spray a little of your daily scent on it and leave it in the crib. That way even if you forget, there will always be something of yours for her to hold on to.

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