On the 8th Day of Christmas

So I couldn’t blog about the 8th day of Christmas yesterday. We went out and as usual, I was to write up what had happened during the day after the kids had gone to bed later that night. Unfortunately this night was different. Real life happened and I had to deal with a family emergency.

But earlier on in the day we had gone into Times Square for some window shopping. Regardless of where you live, window shopping especially during the Christmas holiday is always fun. The shop windows are always beautifully decorated and lovely products are displayed.

I love taking the kids to window shopping to open up their imagination. I still remembered the first time I took my daughter to the ones in London some years ago. She was wowed. There was a particular Jimmy Choo shoes she saw in a boutique window, she didn’t know the designers, just the way the shoes was displayed elegantly and the beautiful design. She said she wanted to work hard so she can afford to live in the penthouse above the shop and always come to shop downstairs. We laughed about it and I told her why not.

This time in New York City, my son wanted one of those beautiful Rolex watches. Again they don’t know the true values of the items or even their designers but they just admire how beautiful they look.

Lastly we went to watch the lights in Saks. If you missed the initial light display switch on, don’t worry. They do a mini show daily displaying the beautiful lights in different colors, in the evening. Get there around 4pm to get a good spot as there are several people watching too. I love a good light show but it’s the dramatic sounds effects and music that really got me on this one.

It was really cold so if you are going, get padded up and buy hot chocolate from the near by Starbucks.

The roads and bus stops around the area was blocked off by the cops. Police were diverting traffic away from the area. I wasn’t sure what was happening but something other than the festive season was going as there were lots of extra security. Or maybe it’s just the good people in NYPD just keeping us safe. Overall it was a lovely day.

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