On The 6th Day of Christmas

On the 6th day of Christmas, we went around our neighborhood in the Upper West Side of Manhattan to carry out a research on gift guide for apartment Supers and/or Butlers.

One thing most of them all agreed on was that they would be more than happy if they could get a Christmas card with money on the inside of it. That they can then buy whatever they really want. One went on to explain that he doesn’t get paid. Having a free apartment is his salary so it’s always nice to have some cash to spend on his family during the holiday. That he can use it to buy Christmas tree and even get turkey. Hearing some of their stories kind of made me sad and sorry for them.

So now we know what to get our own super who has been very helpful to us since moving into our apartment. I agree with what a lot of them say, our super would be more happy to receive cash amount rather than material gifts or experience.

One other thing we did while walking around the neighborhood was to admire outdoor buildings with Christmas decorations in them.

This kind of sparked an interest in what the inside decorations would look like. So maybe that would be something for another day of Christmas!

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