On The 5th Day of Christmas

On the 5th day of Christmas we tried food that we had not eaten before in Manhattan. Food that tasted Christmasy. Adding a little cinnamon spice to anything, even to hot drinks makes it Christmasy.

Pie, lots of pies. Different types of pies. Americans like their pies and I don’t blame them. They are delicious. I personally like the ones that crumble in your mouth.

Unlike in the UK where you use custard (some Americans like our waitress didn’t know what custard was. I had to google it and show her the picture) to eat your pie, they use whipped cream or ice cream. I loved the coconut ice cream from Whole Foods. That, coupled with their pie made out of oatmeal was heavenly.

Next we tasted their drinks. They have a whole lot of drinks. Different varieties. Apple cider is very festive and it’s none alcoholic so it was lovely experimenting with it.

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