How To Go Trick or Treating in The City

This may seem like a weird question but seriously “how do you go trick or treating in the city?” This was the question that was baffling my mind this last week.

You know I love creating experiences for my kids especially as we travel around a lot. Now that we are trying to settle in Manhattan, I want them to experience everything “normal childhood” comes with. But we live in an apartment and all our neighbors live in similar high rise apartment buildings with door men, security and what have you.

You can’t just buzz and wait for someone to let you in (I’ve watched too many CSI to know that’s not a good idea) and you can’t just wait aimlessly hoping someone holding candies comes by.

Luckily enough as I was running errands in town, I saw a lady going trick or treating with her son who was dressed as black panther (how cute!) I asked her and she said they just walk along the broadway (where the stores, banks and commercial offices are) and that majority of the stores give out candy.

She also advised that it is best to go before 5pm. It gets wild and crazy at night. Drinking, partying and New Yorkers being their fun loving self. Perfect I thought. At least we can be back for dinner and bedtime.

As soon as we got back from school, we went out trick and treating. We saw other people doing the same. The kids had a great time and I felt like a super woman ( polishes her halo). So if you ever wondered where people who are not living in suburbs go trick or treating, now you know!

2 thoughts on “How To Go Trick or Treating in The City

  1. girlingothamcity says:

    It’s so funny that I just stumbled across this post today – I’ve lived in NYC for three years, but have never really been out and about during trick-or-treat time as I get off later in the day. This year, I got off early and was blown away at the sheer volume of kids going in and out of shops for candy! It makes perfect sense, but as someone who grew up in the suburbs, it’s such a weird concept to me! haha. Glad you guys had an awesome Halloween 🙂


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