A Day at The Intrepid Museum

The Intrepid Museum in Manhattan is a great place to visit as a family (or individual), you can easily spend the whole day without even realising it. The beauty of it is that you can be mesmerised by all things that move; planes, jets, boats and ships. You can be rest assured to learning about science there as well as space and surprisingly, photography.

The intrepid is very accessible for wheelchair users and for strollers, there are rest rooms and restaurants to pick up something to eat and drink. Plenty of things to see indoors as well as outdoor. We came during the science week so there was a lot of science activities taking place. You can pre-book your tickets or buy one on the day at the entrance.

For a tip, try to attend the space exhibition. You would learn something new about space and be surprisingly entertained. If you have visited the HMS Belfast on the river Thames in London, you might be able to draw a little similarity with the intrepid on the Hudson River in Manhattan. And like everything America, this was way much fun, grand and bigger! We will be definitely coming back.


Riding a bike to power up electricity.

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