Baby Ear Piercing

We moved to Manhattan from London and after the birth of our baby girl we didn’t know where and when to have her ear pierced. How do they do it in America I wondered.

During her six months pediatricians appointment I talked about my worries and concerns with the doctor and she advised me that after their two months shots, they can have their ears pierced. Wow I’m I already falling her I thought, she’s nearly seven months old already. I was only worried because I didn’t want her to feel the pain, but this pain is vary different from male circumcision for example. The baby boys have to have it done as babies because it is a very painful procedure(even as babies) and especially worse when they are older.

But with ear piercings you don’t necessarily have to have it done by two months. It is not that painful nowadays. I know this for a fact because I had my second piercing done when I was at uni.

The doctor also informed me that there was a lady that comes to the clinic to do it. She emphasized that the lady is not affiliated with the clinic. But that she’s a nurse and very clean and sterilized.

Another places some mom friends pointed me to was some children hair salons in Manhattan.

Then one day as I was driving past broadway on the upper west Side of Manhattan, I saw Claire’s. I used them for my older daughters ear piercing in England so I was really glad to know that they are also in the US. I went in and asked about it. It was basically the same process.

We decided to do it at Claire’s, So that they could both have that little thing in common. I love little things like that that have a continuity from our lives in London to our new life in New York City. My oldest two were born in England and with the baby being the only one born in America, I didn’t want her to grow up feeling like she doesn’t have connections with her older siblings.

I went with the small diamond for her. Although more pricey than I had anticipated but I was glad I did. It is very very small and she basically didn’t feel anything when we got home. She slept on the side without a flinch.

Now I hope to finally stop being asked if my daughter is a girl or a boy 🙂

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