TLM Guide to Statue of Liberty NYC

Whenever someone says ‘New York City’, first thing that comes to your mind is the Statue of Liberty. This iconic monument is not only popular, it symbolises freedom, hope and a short at the pursuit of happiness. You can see the statue of liberty from different vantage points all over the city but nothing beats taking a boat ride to liberty island to see her. And whats even better is to go on a guided walking tour. Companies like ifonly organises these one of a kind experiences. 


The tour guide is in a friendly and very informative manner. You are sure to learn about the history of the statue of New York, things you won’t see on Wikipedia. Our guide tells it so beautifully in a way you won’t even realise you are actually having a lesson in history. Some humour, games and the winner even gets a price!

The ferry that takes you to liberty island is from battery park you and your group are likely to meet in front of pier 8, a large white building. Then you make your way through airport style security (with the exception of taking off your shoes) and then get on the boat. I would advise to seat at the top deck on the right side for a good view of the statue when getting closer. There is toilet in the boat and a shop that sells light refreshments and snacks.

The trip is less than 20mins and on arrival, you will go through another security. Personal belongings that include strollers, food, drink (with the exception of water in a clear container) and backpacks/handbags are not allowed into the inner building where the museum and the way to the top is. You will need two $1 bill to pay for a locker for your things. The stroller will be kept for you, you will be given a ticket. Take a photo of it just incase you lose it. Then you are ready to explore!


We got up to her giant skirt and could see the everywhere!


Trying to name each of the Manhattan skyscrapers 


Discussing history of the statue with the kids



Beautiful Backdrop



Making memories 

The monument is accessible. There is lift and family friendly.There are 195 steps to the top or you take the elevator which could have quite a queue. The top offers a beautiful view of the skyscrapers in Downtown Manhattan, New Jessey, Staten Island and Brooklyn bridge.



Making childhood memories at Liberty Island



Brooklyn Bridge and sunset

As a family or individual visiting New York City, taking Walks of New York is one of the best ways to see and experience this great beautiful city.


There is a gift shop on ground where you can purchase some memorabilia



Even though we brought our own camera, we patronised the photographers on ground and took some photos, which you will have to pick up from the gift shop.

There are places you can eat. Lots of seating area and food vendors.



Beautiful garden style seating area

On a final note, you are sure to have a lovely time with your family, including little babies but it is not necessary an all day affairs.



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