Why Every Woman should Fall in Love with Jumpsuits

As a mom with three young children I don’t like to make a fuss over my clothes and the less energy and time I have to fuss over what to wear. This is where Jumpsuits come in.

I love jumpsuits for the same reason I love dresses, they are a one item outfit, which makes getting ready so easy. They are both comfortable and flattering. They are perfect for laid back weekends at home, and can also be easily styled with heels and accessories for an elegant evening look. No matter your shape, you can find a jumpsuit that flatters your body. Some people love ones with sleeves, sleeveless with alter neck, straight, wide legs, with collar, gathered and the variety is just endless.

Formal jumpsuits are unexpected silhouette at events. They look effortlessly chic and elegant. Informal cropped Jumpsuits allows you to wear killer heels for that sophisticated look.

One of my favourite reasons for loving Jumpsuits is saying goodbye to “chub rub” associated with those of us ladies with bigger thighs. I love wearing dresses but not my thighs rubbing together, this is where Jumpsuits gives you the comfort of a one piece like a dress but without the rub. More importantly, I feel comfortable with myself, able to move my body any which way without fear of letting things slip.

I can breastfeed while looking stylish in them without wearing a boring maternity outfit. Peeing maybe the only challenge with a Jumpsuits, my advice is, pee before leaving the house and don’t wait until last minute before going to the ladies.

Jumpsuits are simple, versatile, elegant and every mom’s best friend!

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