7 Things I Pack When going Out With Kids

Whenever I’m in Central Park with the kids playing, I find it hard to believe that this is one of the most busiest cities in the world. Despite NYC being the city that never sleeps, there’s so much calmness when you are having a little picnic in Central Park. There is So much green space and quietness.
In order to protect that calm and quiet, when leaving the house I make sure to pack the following:

1. Sandwiches and drinks.
2. one toy they can both play with (frisbee or football) I don’t want to pack too many items.
3. one book each (they swap when they’re done meaning they get to read two books, the kids actually thought of this idea and I thought it was brilliant).
4. Two nappies, wipes and one change of clothes for the baby.
5. For me, other than my phone, a camera, lipstick and compact powder with mirror, a magazine or book (when I’m feeling hopeful that I will find the time to read at least a chapter) my own water and snacks cos I’m still nursing.
6. A blanket we can all sit on.
7. Bathing suits for the kids,yes a bathing suit. I never had to do this in England but there are lots of water fountains in NYC and we love them! I learnt from my experience, first time we went to one, the kids could not hold there excitement as they jumped right in with their clothes and shoes. The old me would have cringed and beg them not to go in but life is too fun to worry about things like that 🙂 let them be kids absolutely being spontaneous like that is all part of making memories with them. So from that day, whenever we are going to the park I always hold their bathing suits.

Leaving the house is a chore on its own, and I can understand the temptation to want to stay indoors all the time but once you are out, you will love it. The fresh air will do you and the kids some good. When you are prepared, it reduces the anxiety. It may seem like im carrying a lot but everything goes inside my big mommy bag. I don’t use my picnic basket when I’m taking the kids all by myself. You can’t push the stroller and carry basket at the same time. But when my husband is around, he carries the basket.
This is also why I use the bigger stroller because of the larger basket under. We put the toys camera and blanket underneath it.
One last tip, I always aim to leave the house in the morning just shortly after breakfast. They’ve eaten, cleaned, fresh nappy and the NYC heatwave is not out yet. The willingness and motivation is also stronger in the mornings.

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