An Evening in the Upper West Side

Today was the kids student lead conference at their school. I chose the 4;30 appointment which was the earliest they had, the reason was that by that time, the baby would have been sleeping and by the time we are finishing up, she would be ready for her next feed.

as soon as the kids got home from school, I gave then snacks and drink then they started working on their homework.


I fed the baby, put her shoes on and put her in the baby carrier ( I have been using carriers more often this days because we do a lot of walking and not all places are accessible by prams) also she is calmer and sleeps longer when she’s close to me, this way she does not interrupt my meetings.

Then it was time to leave the house for school. we chatted, they skipped, hopped and we chatted a little more just as we made our way to the first meeting in my oldest class.

The meeting went well. you would think by now I would have gotten used to their teachers singing their praises and telling me how well they are doing, no I don’t get tired of hearing it because it is a continuous journey, children can regress or become nonchalant towards their academic development. moreover, this was specifically important to me because we moved them in the middle of school year, into a new country and then there was the new baby and daddy went on to work abroad, we left our home, friends and family behind in England. They have had so many changes that can typically affect a Childs performers, I was prepared to be told maybe they were struggling a little bit. I won’t have been upset or anything because to be honest these kids have gone through a lot in their young life, many things we’ve been through as a family in this last couple of years would have sent some people over the edge. our positive attitude to life shines through, we take each day as it comes and we celebrate little victories. we do have bad days but we hold on and look forward to the good days.

I gave then kisses and hugged them. I said well one and thanks for working hard and for being themselves. I would have taken them out to celebrate but we have plans this weekends and living in New York city is not cheap so we saved it up for the weekend fun.

on our way home, we skipped, hopped and chatted. we spent an extra five minutes in the streets of this beautiful city we are trying to make home just before going home. it was a lovely well spent five minute. took a little time to appreciate were we where. this has always been my dream and I thought it was impossible, but here we were as every fibre of my body felt grateful, the kids found a bike to play with.fullsizeoutput_1649fullsizeoutput_164bfullsizeoutput_164cIMG_7751fullsizeoutput_164ffullsizeoutput_164e

needless to say, they were all tired by the time we got home. while I was making dinner, they finished up their homework, played a little computer game, had dinner, had a shower and went to bed, before I could say hot chocolate, they were fast asleep, giving me time to have my shower and for the second time this week, have the chance to do my night time beauty routine.

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