The Egg House New York City

The egg house is an egg theme pop up sensory and picture perfect setting in down town manhattan NYC. The staffs are friendly and the atmosphere is very diverse, from young instagramers looking to take the perfect photos to families like us also trying to capture that precious moment your kids first experienced a pop up little museum in NYC. Like other pop-up shop, the egg house won’t be here very long.

As soon as the kids got there, they immediately got on with it. They wanted to go right ahead and have fun. but there was a system, as you enter, you have to move from one part of the room to the next taking photos and moving on quickly because there were others behind you waiting to take photos.


“LAST ONE IN IS A ROTTEN EGG”fullsizeoutput_15e6fullsizeoutput_15e9IMG_7668IMG_7666

the kids went crazy for the ball pitIMG_7665fullsizeoutput_15e0

it is a really cool place. It was exciting, music playing and people can socialise.


the spinning half egg shellIMG_7607IMG_7610fullsizeoutput_15f6fullsizeoutput_15f5

imaginary play


be ready to be photobombed 🙂fullsizeoutput_15effullsizeoutput_15eefullsizeoutput_15edfullsizeoutput_15ebIMG_7631IMG_7634fullsizeoutput_161fimg_7636.jpgIMG_7632IMG_7637IMG_7638IMG_7639IMG_7641IMG_7642fullsizeoutput_1621IMG_7645fullsizeoutput_1625IMG_7657

and …..


and then some more …..


the little shop selling cookies and gifts.fullsizeoutput_162e

follow the sign to more fun!


the egg venture did continue in the basement. it is called the garden. a sensory garden for imaginary play.

it was however very very darkIMG_7690fullsizeoutput_162cfullsizeoutput_1628fullsizeoutput_1627

finally on your way home, you are given a little gift in the form of a small ball, with different little surprises inside. fullsizeoutput_1626

in conclusion it is a really cool and fun place regardless of if you want the pictures for instagram or not. the whole family had fun, there is no changing facilities but the staffs are happy to direct you to the closest place with a rest room, I was glad the baby slept through it all and did not require changing nor did the older kids need the loo.

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