The Travel Diary: A Trip to Oxford 

I’m a bargain hunter. Always looking for a good deal and how to have the best quality for a discounted price. That was what lead us to take an unplanned road trip to Beciester village – a designer outlet in Oxford. 

The day trip took us 45 minutes to drive up to, from our north London home. We left home early in the morning, just after a quick breakfast and headed out to this adventure. For us, it wasn’t just about going to shop for few things but it was also a family trip. It was our first time in Oxfordshire. 

One amazing thing we noticed was that there wasn’t a lot of “brown people ” around. I hate talking about the colour of people skin but for the purpose of illustration I’m compelled to mention it using on our family model. We say ‘brown blond or mixed of brown and blond’ to describe people (after all else has failed), but politically speaking, we are blacks. But anyhoo, when we were driving past, we got the occasional friendly stirs and smiles. A man with dreadlocks was so happy to see us he was actually waving at us. For some weird reason I waved back. Smiled back and stirred back. It was a lovely feeling. Like how Eddie Murphy felt in “coming to America” only we were in Oxfordshire. 

The kids were quick to put on the “tourist” hat on and started looking for things that represented the English heritage. I never knew a phone booth can become so fascinating. I normally just go in and make phone calls (those years when I first came into the country) 

We did not quite “shop till you dropped” but we were soon tired. Stopped for some out door canapés despite the freezing winter cold. The smell was too tantalising to pass it by. 

The day ended by a stroll along the footbridge passing the festive garden lights as we danced in the cold rain. We look forward to another time to another beautiful English country! 

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