In April 2016, we moved away from our six bedroom home in Essex, England into a two bedroom flat in North London. We could not be happier. We became minimalist BY CHOICE. This blog is about sharing our journey and experiences with you. About simplicity and raising a family in London. We will be posting weekly on different topics, ranging  from family, food, fashion, personal journals and many more.

Being a minimalist by choice is not about having less or living without, on the contrary. You will be able to have more disposable income, able to spend more time with families and friends and able to make time and afford to travel. Since starting this journey, we have traveled over 10 different countries. Could have be more but our kids are school age now. So we are trying to fit it around their schooling.

We love and enjoy simple pleasures of life like any one else, we love luxury things and classy things. But why pay more if you can get the same value and quality for less. We will also be showing you tricks of having more for less. Bargains, deals, cheats and DIYs. We are honest and real. We will show you how we sometimes live on a £5 a meal but fly to Milan and Paris to shop for designer handbags. We will show you how to live a healthy life but also how to enjoy a nice bottle of wine and cupcakes. Life is about balance and fun. I’m not perfect and not working towards being one. We are simply, honest, real and working on being better citizens of the world.

We are a Christian family but full of flaws.

So please Subscribe, so you can follow us on this journey. It promises to be exciting and fun!

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